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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Letters of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

"My soul was suddenly carried away by a force stronger than itself into a very large room illuminated by a very bright light. On a high throne studded with jewels was seated a lady of rare beauty. This was the most holy Virgin who held in her arms the Child of majestic mien, his face more resplendent and luminous than the sun. All around them was a great multitude of very beautiful Angels. At the end of this large room there were two small beds, in each of which was a person who, to judge by appearances, must have been in great suffering. One of them was suffering so much as to seem on the point of bidding farewell to this life. Before the throne on which the Virgin was seated there was another person, completely absorbed in contemplation, who was the personification of happiness. The Child came down from the Virgin's arms, and followed by his Mother and the Angels approached the person wrapt in prayer. He threw his arms around that person, clasped her to his breast, kissed her an infinite number of times and bestowed on her innumerable other caresses. The Virgin and the Angels did likewise. Then he went towards the beds of the two sick persons. To one of these, who was sitting up in bed, the Child addressed just a few words of comfort, rather coldly and unceremoniously. At the other sick person who lay at full length in the bed and had greater need of comfort, he did not deign even to glance, and as if he hated even to punish her, he ordered the Angels to beat her. These did not hesitate to carry out his orders. They approached the sick person, one of them took her by the hand and the others began to punch and kick and slap her. This scene seemed very cruel. But what a strange and wonderful thing! The poor creature did not complain, but in a very weak voice exclaimed: 'O most gracious Jesus, have mercy on me while the time for mercy still lasts. Do not condemn me, most sweet Jesus, when you come to judge me, for I should not be able to love you anymore. O most compassionate Jesus, if your severe justice intends to condemn me, I appeal to your most loving mercy.' The Child turned to me and said, 'Learn how one should love.' I understood nothing. This sight made me tremble like a reed exposed to a violent wind, for I expected this soul to be rejected by Jesus. But alas, how different from the reality is the sensual man's estimation of spiritual things! Wretched me! For many years I have attended the school of suffering without learning anything. May the infinite mercy of our God be eternally blessed for his great goodness and patience in bearing with me! But to banish all fear from my heart the Lord willed to show me also the souls of these three persons. How beautiful are the souls in whom the heavenly Spouse reigns! If all were to be shown this beauty, we should certainly not see so many of our foolish brethren hastening to where God is not to be found. All three of these angelic creatures were in God's grace; all were adorned with merits, though not in equal measure, for the third was more fully adorned by merit than the second and the second more than the first. Since I could not understand why the Lord treated in such different ways these dear spouses of his, he was pleased to come to the aid of this wretched creature and by a clear and explicit interior locution he began to say to me: 'The first was a soul still weak and in need of caresses, otherwise she would have turned her back on him; the second soul was less weak and to keep her in his service she still needed some little sign or affection; the third was a beloved spouse of his, because, in spite of the way he afflicted her, she remained constant in her service and faithful in love."
Padre Pio of Pietrelcina - Letters, Volume 1, Letter 139, Page 436, (Christianity, Catholic, Words of Padre Pio)

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