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Welcome to http://outofbodytravel.org/ and all the features you'll find here including FREE downloads of over 115 E-Books/Magazines, Audio/Video/Music and Art about Out-of-Body Travel and other related subjects! In the spirit of remembering the great Prophets, Mystics, Saints and Sages from throughout the world and time, we have chosen to use this blog to make postings of special quotations from these great souls in the writings of the ancient sacred texts. As often as possible, I will be utilizing my extensive library of the better known and almost forgotten ancient sacred texts from all over the world to share with you a bit of the knowledge left behind by the Masters of every path. We hope you find this inspiring!

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Paramahamsa Yogananda

"Clad in the hunter's green of selfish desires, I pursued Thee in the forest of consciousness, O Divine Heart! The sound of my loud prayers startled Thee; Thou didst swiftly flee. I raced after Thee; but my erratic chase, the hue and cry of restlessness caused Thee to retreat still farther. Stealthily I crept toward Thee with my spear of concentration, but my aim was unsteady. As Thou didst bound away I heard in secret echoes of Thy footfalls: 'Without devotion thou art a poor, poor marksman!"
Whispers from Eternity, Page 90, Paragraphs 3-4, (Hinduism, Kriya Yoga, Words of Paramahansa Yogananda)

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